City Hall

The City Hall Administration Department is here to serve you. Our duties are mainly related to overall city administration, so if you are unsure which department or individual to contact for assistance, the Administration Department is the place to turn.
Aerial view of the brick building of City Hall
  1. Agendas & Minutes

    Easily access agendas, packets and minutes from the City Council and stay up to date on the latest meetings.

  2. City Council Meeting Videos

  3. Budgets & Audits

    Take a look at the yearly budgets and audits in Amery, Wisconsin.

  4. City License Applications / Permits / Forms

    Apply for a dumpster permit, transient permit, zoning permit and more.

  5. City Newsletter

  6. City Studies and Master Plans

  7. Dog License Information

    All Amery residents must register their pets. Find out how to do this.

  8. Election Information

  9. Human Resources

    Get information relating to the Human Resources Department of the City of Amery.

  10. Ordinances & Resolutions

    Explore a list of ordinances and resolutions in Amery.

  11. Sale of City Surplus Property

    Check out the different properties for sale in Amery by the City.

  12. Tax Information

    Take a look at some helpful tips that can make tax season easier.

  13. Zoning Ordinances & Map

    Explore a list of ordinances that have to do with Zoning in Amery.