1. Available Property Listings

    View a list of potential properties for sale in Amery.

  2. Budgets & Audits

    Take a look at the yearly budgets and audits in Amery, Wisconsin.

  3. Community Services

    Browse the businesses that offer services to the citizens of Amery.

  4. Dog License Information

    All Amery residents must register their pets. Find out how to do this.

  5. Election Information

    View the November 2014 election outcomes and learn more about the process.

  6. Projects Installed in Amery

    Explore some of the projects such as rain garden, rain barrel and stormwater pond projects.

  7. Tax Information

    Take a look at some helpful tips that can make tax season easier.

  8. Utility Rates & Fees

    Read through the city's lawn meter, water, sewer and public fire protection rates and fees.