Amery Business Stimulus Plan

Many Amery businesses have been closed, or partially closed, for a more than a month now. We have developed a Stimulus Plan to help restart non-essential businesses in Amery and surrounding areas on their reopening: 

Please visit at to donate there or contact the Mayor’s office at City Hall if it is more convenient. (715)268-7486

Amery Stimulus Dollars (ASD)

In conjunction with the Amery Community Club and Amery Economic Development Corporation, we plan on selling Stimulus Scrip Money at 50% off face value that can be redeemed by businesses at 100% of face value. Scrip Money is a substitute for legal tender in Amery as distributed by the Amery Community Club. Your donation to the Shop Amery GoFundMe account will go to fund the SHOPAMERY Stimulus Dollars and it is tax deductible. We appreciate any donation you can make at this time.

**Benefits of this fund will go to the customers of non-essential businesses who will be able to buy ASDs at a 50% discount and to non-essential business owners who can redeem these ASDs for 100%.

The ASDs will go on sale the day the non-essential businesses will open and be good for 90 days to stimulate the Amery economy. The ASDs will be available at Chet Johnson Drug at that time.


Shopping and Business Resources

SHOPAMERY is your online resource for businesses in the Amery Area.   It is business working together to strengthen our local economy.   

Your money spent locally is an investment in the economic vitality in our community.


The purpose of the Amery Economic Development Corporation is economic development in the Amery Community as well as retention and growth of existing businesses.

Amery Economic Development Corporation AEDC Logo - Helping business Do business
The Amery Community Club’s mission is to use resources to encourage, promote and foster local businesses. Work to maintain and improve the quality of life in Amery, Wisconsin. Maintain strong support for existing industries. Continue to promote and support economic development.2019 ACC Board

 WI Supreme Court Safe Reopening – City of Amery

 As you may be aware, the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled to overturn Governor, Tony Evers March 24, 2020 Emergency Order #12 - Safer at Home Order known as:  Safe at Home Order.  It required that everyone in Wisconsin stay at their home or place of residence except in limited circumstances.  The 4-to-3 ruling appears to immediately end statewide provisions that have required many Wisconsin residents to stay at home. 

Answers to the following questions:

Is Wisconsin’s safer-at-home order over?  Yes.  Wednesday’s ruling lifted the order immediately.

Has all of Wisconsin reopened?  No.  Local officials can put their own limits in place, and rules could vary significantly from one community to the next.  Amery PD has put out a statement on this as well.

Are Wisconsin schools opening?  No, the court’s ruling did not apply to the portion of the order that required face-to-face instruction to cease in public and private schools, but the majority did not explain why.

Are bars and restaurants open?  The ruling immediately lifted restrictions on all businesses.  The Tavern League of Wisconsin told its members they could “OPEN IMMEDIATELY” in a post of Facebook shortly after the ruling.  Local authorities may be issuing orders requiring bars to stay closed, however.  Amery PD also made a statement on this.  Please check with Polk County Public Health and the State of Wisconsin regarding licensing of establishments.

Can I get a haircut?  Yes, as long as your county or city allows hair salons and barbers to be open, and as long as your preferred stylist decides to reopen.  Amery is also following the guidance of the state.  At this time, it appears that these businesses can be open.  Please check with Polk County Public Health and the State of Wisconsin regarding licensing of establishments.

Are in-person religious services allowed?  Worship services can now be held in person as long as there are no local restrictions on holding them.  It will be up to individual churches, synagogues and mosques to decide whether to allow them.

Do businesses that reopen have to meet requirements related to cleanliness or capacity size?  Not unless a local order is in place outlining such rules.

Is City Hall – City of Amery open?  Yes, the 6 feet distancing is still in place there.  The areas are provided with hand sanitizer and all areas are cleaned regularly.

I want everyone to navigate the change sensibly and carefully. 

Paul Isakson, Mayor

City of Amery