Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station

A new EV Charging Station is available at Soo Line Park.  This was a collaborative effort with the City of Amery (through funding from ARPA funding and ongoing maintenance and utility costs), Amery Chevrolet (who got the chargers from GM), GM and Xcel Energy (who helped us get the chargers up and running with infrastructure and helped us with our costs - to charge).  Our EV Chargers are FLO (https://www.flo.com/).

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There are 4 (Level 2) Chargers available to the general public.  There is a minimal cost to use the service, and it will require that the FLO application (https://www.flo.com/products/software/flo-mobile-app/) is downloaded to your device to use your credit card. You will not be able to use your credit card on the unit itself.

Mobile App

Here is the cost to charge your vehicle.

FLO - pricing

Below is a map of other charging locations that are available in the surrounding area.

Charging station locations