Public Works Department


975 Minneapolis Avenue
Amery, WI 54001



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Public Works Crew 2

L to R: Mitch Sigsworth-Public Works Crew Member, Josh Buhr-Public Works Crew Member , Duane Riley-Public Works Crew Member , Jeremy Wood-Waste Water Treatment Plant, Nick Waterman-Public Works Crew Member , Ross Fleischauer-Public Works Crew Member , Josh Anderson-Public Works Crew Member , Jeff Mahoney-Public Works Director, and Chad Fansler-Public Works Crew Member

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Riley, Duane City Crew   715-268-3418  
Sigsworth, Mitch City Crew   715-268-3418  
Buhr, Josh City Crew   715-268-3418  
Mahoney, Jeff Director of Public Works 715-268-5911  
Anderson, Josh City Crew   715-268-3418  
Wood, Jeremy Wastewater   715-268-7527  
Waterman, Nick City Crew   715-268-3418  
Fleischauer, Ross City Crew   715-268-3418  
Fansler, Chad City Crew   715-268-3418  


104 Maple St W, Suite A
Amery, WI 54001


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