Amery Sustainability Initiatives

The City of Amery is committed to improving environmental sustainability and protecting its environmentally sensitive habitats. In 2009, the City partnered with the Lake District to improve the quality of the our lakes. In 2015, the City officially recognized Arbor Day and qualified for the Tree City USA award. In 2016, the City will apply for the Bird City USA award. Lastly the City will continue to work with the community to protect pollinators. 

You can find more information about city and community initiatives at the following links:
  1. Bird City Wisconsin

    Learn what you can do to protect birds in your backyard.

    Link to page
  2. Clean Lakes Program

    Learn about the Clean Lakes Program and how the city plans to keep the city and its lakes beautiful and healthy.

    Link to page
  3. Native Plantings

    Find out what plants are native to your property so that your garden can be the best it can be.

    Link to page
  4. Tree City USA

    Pages Coming Soon!

    Link to page
  5. Useful Links

    Access further information regarding native plants, rain gardens, stormwater management and more.

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