Erosion Control Ordinance

The Amery Clean Lakes Program isn’t the only organization concerned with water quality in our lakes.  Changes are being made at the county level as well, to ensure that our lakes are clean and healthy.  Based on the adverse effects of uncontrolled stormwater runoff and construction site erosion, a new Storm Water Management and Erosion Control Ordinance (PDF) went into effect in Polk County in 2006.


The general purpose of the ordinance is to establish regulatory requirements in order minimize the negative impacts of stormwater and erosion in Polk County.  In addition to the water resources themselves, the ordinance is aimed at benefiting community safety and welfare, and public enjoyment of natural resources.


The ordinance includes a single permitting process for all stormwater management projects. An erosion control plan must also be submitted for any construction project that

  • Disturbs an area of 3,000 square feet or more
  • Disturbs underground utilities or ditches more than 300 feet in length
  • Includes any land-disturbing activity that may adversely affect an environmentally sensitive area
  • Involves excavating and / or filling at least 400 cubic yards of material

The ordinance is administered and enforced by the Polk County Land and Water Resources Department (LWRD).

More Information
For more information, please email the Polk County Land and Water Resources Department or call them at 715-485-8699.