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Soo Line Park


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  1. Benches
  2. Farmers Market
  3. Picnic Tables
  4. Wi-Fi

Soo Line Park is located in the center of town and it is the sight of the Amery Trailhead Pavilion. The park serves as the starting point for the Stower Seven Lakes Trail. It is also the location of the weekly Farmers Market held every Monday throughout the Summer. The Pavilion is also home to other events throughout the year as well.

Picnic Tables and Benches are available in the park for public use. Parking for the Stower 7 Lakes Trail is also at the Park. Restrooms are now available in the Park.

Free Wireless Internet Access is available at Soo Line Park and can be accessed in the Pavilion or the Park.

Note: WI-FI Internet Access is also available North Park.

 Facility Reservations

To make a reservation for the Soo Line Park Pavilion, select it below. 


Reservations are $25/day.

*If it is your first time reserving a facility through the City of Amery website, a log-in window will pop up when you attempt to reserve a RV site. Select "create profile" and fill in your basic information. Once this has been completed, you will be able to reserve any available City facility, and your information should automatically generate in the reservation form. 


  1. Soo Line Park Pavilion

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